Gift for Dana

My best friend’s mom, Dana, is celebrating two years of not smoking, and we are all super proud of her.  Over the summer she had talked about wanting a photo of Barton Springs Pool. Which is a local natural spring, thats in the neighborhood.  I took the photo back in August and kinda forgot about it.  But now that this big day is coming up and we are all going to celebrate next Monday, I’ve pulled out the image done a little editing to it and am having it stretched to canvas and ready for her on Monday.



While I was working on this I got a little distracted and started playing.  This next one makes me laugh because when I was little I was convinced this dude lived in there.





Hello Internet

Hello there Internet!


This year I am starting my New Years Resolution off a little late.  My plan is to start keeping up with my personal creativity.  With a 9-5, time for creating becomes lost to the desire to just sit on the couch and veg.  This blog is intended to be a motivational device for keeping me actively making and doing.

During my week days I work as a Photo Editor at, and I do the occasional freelance photo gig here and there.  Lately, I have been missing those college days where the majority of my time was devoted to shooting, working in the lab, painting, drawing, building…just flat out making stuff.  So here’s to getting the ball rolling on that again.